Launch of the D4 Project

Launch of the D4 Project

Launch of the D4 project

The D4 project was presented at the Luxembourg Internet days 2018 at chamber of commerce by Gérard Wagener the 13th November 2018. He did a small presentation about the motivation of the D4 project especially on the incident response aspects during denial of service attacks. He presented various observed denial of attacks with the challenges during incident response such as the evaluation of denial of service blackmails, commercial denial of service services (such as booters) on the underground market and politically oriented denial of service attacks.

The goal of the D4 project is to have a constant reliable view on ongoing denial of service attacks and capacities delivered by distributed denial of service detection devices that are developed during this project.

The D4 project is raised from the CIRCL honeybot and BGP Ranking research program and the speaker showed some practical examples to measure denial of service attack capacities with honeypots and blackhole networks acting as proof of concept for the denial of service detection devices.

The D4 project includes the following activities:

  • Development of the DDoS and malicious activities detection platform
    • Development of an open source framework to collect, manage and analyse data collected with the detection devices
    • Deployment of collection detection devices on a voluntary basis
  • Open D4 core working setup
    • Discussions about DDoS strategies, effectiveness of mitigation techniques, building a sensor network and infrastructure
  • Provide open data sets and selected information shared within sharing communities such as ISACs, CSIRT relying on MISP Project
  • Provision and advisory support services
    • Extension of CIRCL services (AIL framework, DMA) to support the D4 project
  • Training courses and workshop


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